Software Developer jobs: a bright future or a dying profession?

Software is becoming so ingrained in all types of businesses that it is unlikely that there will be a lack of jobs for software developers any time soon.

Yet, as artificial intelligence technologies are becoming more sophisticated, and we look at the emergence of technology such as Self-Learning Software, some might be worried that in the years to come we will face the prospect of new technology taking up some or all of the work currently being done by software developers and related professionals.

The truth is that new technology will lead to changes in the work currently being carried out by software developers, similar to what will happen in many other jobs in different sectors.

But what we are experiencing in terms of a seismic shift, we have seen many times before in other roles. The advent of smaller business computers in the 80s brought with it similar questions in most sectors, except for software and hardware related roles which have become more and more important since.

What has happened in these other sectors is that while machines have taken up some of the work from humans, this added more complexity in each industry, requiring humans to take up more specialised work to deal with this. In a similar way, the increasing use and developments in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies will mean that more and more of the work that software developers will do will be related to skills that machines at that point in time would not have been able to master.

So the challenge for software developers remains the same; being able to remain relevant by keeping their skills in tune with emerging technology.

It is also about realising that software developers are more problem-solvers rather than coders. There will always be problems to solve and these problems will evolve as technology evolves. So while coding can be delegated to a bot, finding a solution to a real-world problem is more difficult to delegate. This will leave software developers with more freedom to be creative and with more time to keep up to date with new developments.